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Hair Weaving

Hair weaving essentially means the addition of hair to cover baldness or adding hair to one's natural hair. The added hair can be human or synthetic. Human hair is obtained from hair cut from other individuals.

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Hair Bonding

Hair Bonding treatment systems are additives stylist put into hair color, like lighteners, high lift hair color, or even Semi-permanent color. They are designed to keep the integrity of the hair shaft or hair cuticle (the outermost layer of the hair) intact to help shield against possible damage

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Silicon System

As in the hair bonding method, silicon-based treatment also involves setting up hair using minute clips. Silicon is used in the base of the patch that looks identical to original scalp.

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Polyfuse is a term used to describe a method of bonding hair pieces to the scalp. When a system is polyfused to the scalp, it is bonded to a track of short hair around the perimeter of the hair piece. It's basically a method of adhering the hair system to the scalp.

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Wigs are not only used to get a proper hairstyle that perfectly blends with your party makeup. There can be reasons when wigs are to be used compulsorily. Patients who suffer from Cancer and have to undergo chemotherapy process tend to lose their hair.

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